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Kids: You don't have to feel alone

Hey kids: we know you are suffering right now. You’re missing school. You can maybe call or video chat with your friends but it’s simply not the same. Some of you are missing sports or other activities. Or perhaps you are really worried what your graduation or prom might look like at this point. Seniors are losing out on that special times of their lives and so are a lot of other grades.

I wish I had the words to make you feel better but I simply do not. But know that your teachers, administrators, coaches, school staff, and parents all feel badly for you as well. As you find yourself doing your academic work at home we also know that you are missing out on the other things that also make school a special place to be.

Please don’t feel like you have to carry this burden alone. The adults in your life are still here for you, even if all of them can’t be physically close to you right now. Talk to your parents about your worries and your disappointments. Reach out to a teacher or a coach. Trust me; they have some of the same feelings you have right now.

These are scary and upsetting times for you guys on a number of levels. Just because you might be isolated never feel like you are alone. Your school was here for you in the building and it will be here for you outside of the building as well.

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